Support Groups



Mazzoni Center's Open Door Counseling Program offers a number of different support groups; some are designed to address specific issues, while others are more general in nature. They are all focused on helping you find a way to live healthier and be happier.

Groups can be an effective way to deal with issues, explore new ideas, and talk out feelings, all within the context of a supportive community.

Below is a listing of our current groups, with details and contact information for each one.


** Please note: the main doors to 21 S. 12th Street are locked at 5 p.m. on weekdays.  If you are arriving to attend a support group after 5, simply use the keypad next the front door and scroll down to Mazzoni Center to dial the reception desk on the 8th floor.  Someone can buzz you in from there. 

Program Services

Have you ever wanted to try Art Therapy to see what it’s all about?  Art Therapist John Lutz and co-facilitator Clint Steib will hold an open studio group on Wednesday evenings through the month of June.

A drop-in support group for anyone identifying along the transgender spectrum. Please join us for support and psycho-education surrounding issues of gender, such as gender identity, gender presentation, and coming out to friends and family.

A drop-in support group for LGBTQ persons living with HIV/AIDS. All HIV positive individuals are welcome to attend regardless of age, gender, or history of your HIV diagnosis. If you're newly diagnosed or a longer-term survivor, we are here to help.

A workshop that occurs in 10 week long periods that aims to be educational and interactive in nature.Managing Strong Emotions is led by two of our highly experienced therapists - Webb Haymaker, LCSW and Amy Tarr, LCSW.

A drop-in support group for LGBTQ persons in the early stages of recovery. New Beginnings serves to support each individual's unique recovery goals and strategies, while increasing insight and self-awareness, along with an educational component.

A drop-in support and resource group for anyone along the transmasculine spectrum.  This group provides a safe and supportive environment for FTM’s, Trans* men and bois, and individuals assigned female at birth who are exploring masculinity.  Join us for discussion, resource sharing, and psycho-education on topics such as coming into masculine identities, navigating within communities, sexuality, dating, coming out, medical transition, legal transition, aging, and developing/starting families.  

Interested in working on how you relate to others?  This weekly support group aims to help you develop comfort and ease in social interactions, and improve your communication skills.

The group is focused on helping LGBTQ persons gain the insight and self-awareness necessary to start the process of recovering from alcohol or other substance abuse. This group helps serve to support, as well as to educate, and acts as a "stepping stone" in the recovery process.

The Real Impact Project (TRIP) is a membership-based HIV/STI testing program of Mazzoni Center, as well as a social movement designed to raise awareness regarding sexual health among LGBTQ people of color.