Rapid HIV Testing & STD Screening


Mazzoni Center offers free, confidential rapid HIV testing and confidential STD screening services at our satellite testing location at Washington West Project (1201 Locust Street), and at various off-site locations throughout Philadelphia.

Our services are provided in a supportive, non-judgmental environment to assist you in identifying your HIV risks and risks for other sexually transmitted infections. You and your counselor work together to create a realistic plan to help reduce your risk for HIV and other STDs, as well as to promote your health and well-being.

If you test positive for the HIV antibody, you will have an opportunity to meet with a Mazzoni Center specialist who can help you with accessing medical care, disclosing to partners and loved ones, safer sex, re-infection, and treatment adherence. During this session, the specialist will help you identify your emotional and concrete needs and give you referrals for Mazzoni Center services and other providers in the community.

If you test positive for any other STD, information and a referral will be provided for free treatment.


FREE Walk-In HIV Testing at

Washington West Project


Please note:

HIV testing will be available during normal operation hours on Thursday, July 2nd, but STD testing will end at 1pm.

Washington West Project will be closed on Friday, July 3 and Saturday, July 4, 2015. 


(Last client taken at 8:30PM on Monday - Friday, at 4:30PM on Saturday, and 6:30 PM on Sunday)

Monday: 9AM to 9PM

Tuesday: 9AM to 12PM then 6PM to 9PM

Wednesday: 9AM to 9PM

Thursday: 9AM to 9PM

Friday: 9AM to 9PM

Saturday: 9AM to 5PM

Sunday: 11 AM to 7PM


FREE Walk-In STD Screenings at

Washington West Project


Tuesdays: 1PM to 6PM

Thursdays: 6PM to 9PM

Fridays: 2PM to 5PM

Saturdays: 1PM to 4PM


Washington West Opens at the following times on the following days due to staff in service:

  • Friday February 27th at 11AM

  • Friday March 27th at 11AM

  • Friday April 24th at 11AM

  • Friday May 22nd at 11AM

  • Friday June 26th at 11AM

  • Friday July 24th at 11AM

  • Friday August 28th at 11AM

  • Friday September 25th at 11AM

  • Friday October 23rd at 11AM

  • Friday November 20th at 11AM

  • Friday December 18th at 11AM

Holiday Hours:

  • New Year's Day: Closed

  • Martin Luther Kind, Jr. Day:  Closed 

  • Presidents' Day:  Closed

  • Memorial Day:  Closed

  • Independence Day:  Closed of Friday 7/3

  • Labor Day:  Closed

  • National Coming Out Day (10/14):  Closed

  • Thanksgiving Day the following Friday and following Saturday:  Closed

  • Christmas Eve:  Closes at 3PM

  • Christmas Day:  Closed

  • Day after Christmas: Closes at 5PM

  • New Years' Eve:  Closes at 5PM


For more information call 

Washington West Project




Program Services

To stop the spread of STDs, it is important that those who may have been exposed are informed of their risk and can seek appropriate screening and treatment. If you have been diagnosed with an STD, there is a free online service where you can notify your sex partners by sending an anonymous or confidential e-card.

To make HIV testing and STD screening more accessible to LGBTQ communities, Mazzoni Center operates a mobile testing unit (MTU). The MTU has several regularly scheduled locations throughout Philadelphia.  

Please note, STD screening is not offered on the MTU.

     Syphilis is a disease transmitted through physical contact from person to person through oral, anal, and vaginal sex. While syphilis is easy to get, it is even easier to treat and cure with antibiotics.  Mazzoni Center offers FREE syphilis screening at our Health Center, Washington West Project, and on our Mobile Testing Unit. 

The Real Impact Project (TRIP) is a membership-based HIV/STI testing program of Mazzoni Center, as well as a social movement designed to raise awareness regarding sexual health among LGBTQ people of color.

Wednesdays from 5 to 7 pm Mazzoni Center offers youth drop-in hours at our Family and Community Medicine practice at 809 Locust Street.