Prevention and Education Programming

Empowerment and Sexual Health Programs

Mazzoni Center's Prevention Services Department offers individual, group, and community level programs for both youth and adults which aim to improve individuals' overall well-being.  Our goal is to help community members gain knowledge and build skills in order to live a long and healthy life.

What We Offer

Our wide variety of services include: one-on-one counseling services, discussion/skill building groups, community media campaigns, community outreach, healthy sexuality workshops, as well as trainings and staff support that build cultural competency and capacity.

All services are offered free of charge. For more specific information about Prevention Services' programs and services, see the program links below.

Program Services

#A1pha builds on the leadership of young men and trans-identified youth of color who have sex with men.  As an #A1pha, you will be provided with tools to promote health, wellness, community building, and can become a certifed peer wellness educator. 

Get REAL publishes the real stories of real people from across Philadelphia.  The stories are as unique as the people being interviewed.  Each one discusses a challenge from their personal life , or an experience that has been empowering. 

     Syphilis is a disease transmitted through physical contact from person to person through oral, anal, and vaginal sex. While syphilis is easy to get, it is even easier to treat and cure with antibiotics.  Mazzoni Center offers FREE syphilis screening at our Health Center, Washington West Project, and on our Mobile Testing Unit. 

The Real Impact Project (TRIP) is a membership-based HIV/STI testing program of Mazzoni Center, as well as a social movement designed to raise awareness regarding sexual health among LGBTQ people of color.

Wellness Counseling is life skills building one-on-one counseling for HIV positive gay men, bisexual men, and trans individuals that helps people reach their personal goals.