Individual, Foundation and Corporation Funders

Mazzoni Center's board members, employees, clients, patients, and volunteers gratefully acknowledge all of our generous individual, couple, family, corporation, organization, and foundation contributors for their generous support during Fiscal Year 2014.  

This list reflects our generous supporters for the period of July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014.  (If you notice any error, please contact the Mazzoni Center Development & Marketing Department at 215.563.0652).  Thank you.

This year was another incredible year of growth where contributions smashed records from all previous years. Mazzoni Center is grateful to its individuals and supporters – well over 1,000 – that came to our aid with financial support in Fiscal Year 2014.  And, we are tremendously thrilled with the more than 96 gifts in kind that provided over $121,476.24 in services and materials.  

With your kindness and financial backing, we have exceeded our fundraising goals in spite of the ongoing financial challenges within the economy. Thank you!


Over $225,000

$224,999 to $100,000

$99,999 to $75,000

$74,999 to $50,000

$49,999 to $25,000

$24,999 to $20,000

$19,999 to $15,000

$14,999 to $12,500

$2,999 to $2,500

$2,499 to $2,000

$1,999 to $1,500

$1,499 to $1,250

$1,249 to $1,000

$999 to $750

$749 to $500

$499 to $350

$349 to $250

$249 to $200

$199 to $150

$149 to $100

Gifts under $100

In Memoriam and Dedication Gifts



Over $225,000





$224,999 to $100,000

Estate of Thomas M. Dross


$99,999 to $75,000

AIDS United
Arcus Foundation


$74,999 to $50,000

Independence Blue Cross Foundation

The Philadelphia Foundation



$49,999 to $25,000

Cigna Corporation and Cigna Foundation
Philly AIDS Thrift


$24,999 to $20,000

Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, Inc.
Philadelphia Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure


$19,999 to $15,000 

Sam S. Fels Fund
Gill Foundation

Joshua's Catering




$14,999 to $12,500

Elite Island Resorts
Optimal Sport Health Club





$12,499 to $10,000

E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Foundation
Mel Heifetz
Robert I. Jacobs Fund of The Philadelphia Foundation
Philadelphia Bar Foundation
Public Health Fund 
The W.W. Smith Charitable Trust
Herman Barrett Way Fund of The Philadelphia Foundation


$9,999 to $7,000

Kramer Portraits
Brian Moss Design
Susan Moul
United Way of Greater Philadelphia and SNJ
Wells Fargo Foundation
Tony Zacchei and Jacob Anthony




$6,999 to $5,000

Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Max Berger and Robert Berger
BJ's Charitable Foundation Donor Advised Fund
Stephen Carlino and Dr. Dennis Fee
Scott Conking and Tom Wall
Entertainment AIDS Alliance
Independence Foundation
LinguiSearch, Inc.
Media Copy
TD Bank
Wells Fargo Bank 
Western Association of Ladies For Relief and Employment for the Poor




$4,999 to $3,000

Thomas T. Adair Trust 
Mark Blecher, MD and Lary Aasheim
Alan and Darlene Cohn
Enterprise Rental Car
Edward Mabrey
Philadelphia FIGHT
Philadelphia Gay News
Robert Pompey
Jimmy Ruiz, MD and Matthew Capucini




$2,999 to $2,500

Athena Health
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
Cancer Treatment Centers of America
Nicholas and Debbie Chaban
Gerard Emery
Equal Justice America
Domenic Gallelli and Jessica Slack
Geno's Steaks, Inc.
Russ Harris and John Casavecchia
George Horan and Guy Kirk
PECO Energy Company
Pennsylvania 6 and Field House
Quest Diagnostics
Rumer Cosmetic Surgery
The Samantha Fund of the Community Foundation of New Jersey
Allen A. Stein Family Foundation, Inc.
Tony Verdi, PhD and Mark Mainville




$2,499 to $2,000

Layla and Luke Debevec
Liberty Belle Invitational
Christopher Pope and Matthew Bald
Ron Powers
Rainbow Rollers
Nurit Shein and Sue Levi Elwell
Michael Soileau and Thomas Ude
Thorbecke Agency
Steven Vishio
Eileen Wang, MD




$1,999 to $1,500

Ballard Spahr, LLP
Commonwealth Investment Management Group, LLC
GILEAD Sciences, Inc
Bill Gorman
PNC Wealth Management
Anthony Rodriguez, MD and Michael P. Williams, Esq.
Michael Wolf, MD




$1,499 to $1,250

Barefoot Wine & Bubbly
Comcast Foundation
E. George Dobosh
Health Partners of Philadelphia, Inc
Gregory Palmer and Richard Dunner 
Loretta and Andrew Sernekos     
US Trust
Rob Winn, MD and Christine Caputo Winn
James Witek




$1,249 to $1,000

David Adamany
Agio Brand Solutions LLC
John R. Alchin and Hal Marryatt
John Baackes and Tom Ensminger
Al Besse and Scott Evers
Anonymous (2)
Thomas Brennan
Richard Brome
Clare Chapman
Andrew Chirls and Jim Bulizzi
Jason Cohen, Esq. and Dusty Latimer
Combined Federal Campaign
Marc David Foundation
Dechert LLP
Diversity PHL
Jim Donovan
Alexandra C. Ernst and Denise Cohen
Bart Evans and Patrick Mulhall
Michael F. Fink
Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia
Ted and Amy Gavin
Michael George
Gregory Gounah
Kelly Harris and Regina Smith
Stephen R. Lee
Live In Hope Fund
Loews Philadelphia Hotel
Sharon Lopez
Dorothy Mann and Bill White
Philadelphia University's Student Activities Office
Joseph Roberts and Henry Ng
Saint Harridan
Sellers Dorsey Foundation
Jeff Sotland
Strassheim Graphics
Temple University School of Social Work
The Philadelphia Center for Transgender Surgery
Martin Varnedoe and Robert Colletti
David Wagaman
Weixler Peterson Luzi Interior Services
Paul Yaros




$999 to $750

American Bar Association
Joel Bautista
Walter Beck
Jeffrey Boles, Esq. and Richard Weyler
Glen Booker
Carolyn Boxmeyer
Matthew Fellows, MD and Christopher Salvador
Edward Foster
Independence Blue Cross Sales and Marketing Division
Nancy and Seth Kreimer
Margaret and Ray Pendino
Martin Sellers
SpecialtyUSA, LLC
Ashley and Robert Tobin
Toner Sound aka Eventions
James Townsend




$749 to $500

12th Street Gym
Jeffrey Aldi
Stuart Alter and Jonathan Wright
Anonymous (2)
Thomas Blucas
Blaine Bonham and Rick Spitzborg
Ali Burt
Leonore Carpenter and Tiffany Palmer
Helen Casale and Bonnie Hoffman
Mary Beth Cassidy
Jason Cox and Robert Schook
John Cunningham, Jr.
Rajnish Dave, PhD
Steve Elkin
Jim Epstein, Esq. and Tom Hess
Jeffrey Farrell
EL (Michele) Fernstein
Gay-Straight Alliance Network
Webb Haymaker
Eileen Heisman
Ellen Himic Designs
David F. Huting, CFA
Independence Business Alliance
Regina Jones
Christina Kallas-Saritsoglou
Message Agency
Harry Millan and Joseph Snyder
Perry Monastero and Estuardo Orozco
Douglas Nightengale
Optimal Community Fund
Optum Health
Sheila Peopples
Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau
Philadelphians MC, Inc.
PYT Restaurant
Philip Reeves
Lauran and Sharon Schultz
Noelle Sewell
Ira Sheres, DMD and Steven Sokoll
Melinda Shull and Bruce Garner
Dana Spain
Adam Straga
J. Brian Straka and Bob Fournier
Rosalind W. Sutch, CPA




$499 to $350

Mark Aufdemberge     
Anonymous (2)
Kendall Berry     
William Best     
Craig Blackman     
Callen-Lorde Community Health Center 
Chipotle Mexican Grill (12th/Walnut)
Paul Cunningham     
Wilhelm Dingler     
John DiPietro and Rich Carbonaro  
Thom Duffy and Thom Duffy Massage Therapy
Andrew Goodman, MD and John Tran  
Tim Hennessey     
Edward Hummel     
Mindy Jacobs, MD
Sara Jacobson     
KCP Design     
Ryan Landis and Christopher Altomare  
Michael Lazenka     
Carrie Long     
Brian McEvilly     
Judy Morrissey and Patricia Dunne  
Kathy Padilla     
Robert Palumbo     
Melissa Pang     
Philadelphia Corporation for Aging   
Planned Parenthood Southeastern PA   
Will Roletter and Paul Rowe  
Josh Schonewolf     
Beth Shandor     
Don Simmons     
Tom Smith     
L. John Vassalotti, III, Esq. and Christopher Young
Francisco Vasquez-Harris    




$349 to $250

Denise Beek     
Timothy Bellew     
William Biskup     
BNY Mellon Wealth Management   
Judge Ann Butchart and Marian Luongo 
Gloria Casarez and Tricia Dressel  
Blair Clinger     
Colandra Coleman     
Billy Collins     
Casey Cook and Shauna Swartz  
Councilman James Kenney     
Heather Davis     
Drexel University Earle Mack College of Law
John Duffin     
Angela Emrich     
Katie Eyer and Kevin Aptowicz  
Patrick Feeley     
Ellen Fischer     
Judge Abbe Fletman and Jane Hinkle 
Paul Fontaine     
Angela Giampolo     
Lee Goldsmith     
Dr. Jim Goodwill    
Melanie Graboskie     
Elaine and Dr. Sidney Grobman     
Michael Grosberg     
Michael Hairston     
Gerald Haley     
Wayne Hamilton and Michael Weinkowitz  
Kenneth Hatton     
Jules Henshell and Steven Mostert  
Risa Holland     
John Holohan and William Ensminger  
Rachel Klos and Lucille Wurtz  
David Krefetz     
Ronald Lucente     
June Masarone and Deborah Francesco  
Mark McGinnis and Shanna Kahler  
Karen Moore     
John Neyer     
Opera Philadelphia     
John Otto     
Gilberto Pereira, MD and John Adler 
Vincent A. and Carmen Pezzullo     
PRIDE Institute     
Kenneth Robinson     
Greg Seitter and Marcello Luzi  
Brett Smith and Joseph Sutton III 
Hetherington and Donald Smith     
Robert Smith     
Sonesta Hotel Philadelphia    
Soros Fund Charitable Foundation   
Rosalie Spelman     
Thomas Streeper and Paul McGrath  
Martin Varnedoe and Robert Colletti  
Deborah Willig     
John Wind     
Anthony Wong     
Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance   




$249 to $200

Steve Anthonavage and Ken Oyer  
Bloomingdale's King of Prussia
Joseph Carlucci & John Moeller, Jr. 
Andrew Clark     
Blair Clinger     
Danny's Bookstore     
Roy DeLaMar     
Thomas and Janice Duffin
Janet Ellen Finegar and Jon Sher 
Dan Fitzsimmons     
Tom and Patty Foels     
Tanya Frederick     
Mary Cate Gordon    
Independence Blue Cross Corporation   
Fred LaValley, Esq. and John Whitenight 
Patricia McGinnis     
Dennis Morgan and Paul Christensen  
David Newby     
Lou Reinholz and Chris St. Pierre 
Roseanne Ruoff     
Wendy Smith     
Spaces Transformed     
Hal Tarr     
US Spaces, Inc.    
Vintage Wine Bar    
Vincent Zucal and Ralph Tullie  




$199 to $150

Khristopher Allen    
Louis Almonte    
Anonymous (2)
Bernard Bondi    
Charles Bowmann and Michael Shovlin 
Buddakan Restaurant   
Campbell Soup Company   
Francis Cannon    
John Carr    
Frank Catroppa    
Patrick Costello    
Christopher Coster    
Mark Coyne    
Crowne Plaza Philadelphia West  
Lisa Deberardinis and David Owens 
Albert Drulis and Scott Silber 
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission  
Nick Forrest    
Edmund Gmoch and Rich Gregg 
Go2MaxFitness by Noe Espinosa  
Peggy Goldfarb    
Traci Greenberg    
Herman Greener and Vincent Kellit, Jr
Alan Gulite    
Kimberly Halbur    
Hartbody Inc.    
Andrew Hill, MD
Bob Holt    
Tilda Hunting    
Craig Kean    
Kimmel Center    
Frank Krafchik    
Rebecca Kramer    
Conrad Kuhn and Charles Boner 
Vincent Lattanzio    
Lower Merion Township
LRP&P Graphics    
Macaroni's Restaurant    
Andrew and Lisa Margolis    
Darryl McMillan and Coy Smith 
Tom Moore    
Kim Otto    
Eric Paulukonis    
Pennsylvania Ballet    
Barbara Penny    
Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations 
Robb Reichard    
John Schall    
Jena and Mark Schmidt  
Judy Seldin-Cohen and Jeff Cohen 
Janet Walker    
Westin Philadelphia   
Joseph White    
Wayne Whittaker    
Anthony Zalis
James Zangrilli


$149 to $100

Absolute Abstract Art, LLC  
ACAC Fitness & Wellness  
David Acosta    
Christopher Ajello    
Janice Allen    
Louie Alvarado    
Anonymous (4)
Ryan Aspinall    
Drew Becher and Eric Lochner 
Robert Bettiker and Robert Grundmeier 
Thomas Bibby    
Bittenbender Construction, LP   
Edwin Bomba    
Rita Borromeo    
Robert Brano    
Gina Briggs    
Bob Buchhofer    
Tim Cabrey    
David Campbell    
Dr. Dora Campbell    
Anthony Cannon, MD   
Timothy Carey    
Thomas Carter    
Amara Chaudhry-Kravitz and John Kravitz 
Chima Brazilian Restaurant   
Mary Cochetti    
Councilman Mark Squilla
Paul Courtney    
Arthur Davis    
James and David DeFilippo    
James Delmar    
Lauren Dercqu    
Robert Ditto    
Charles Donnelly    
Lisa Dowdle    
DP Arts Consortium   
Thom Duffy    
Ugur Roy Duna   
David Dunbeck    
Mark Elliott    
Lindsey Ermey and Sofia Ginzburg 
Steven Evans    
Mark Falango    
Allen Fielding and James Renna 
John Fier    
Rob Franks and William McLaughlin, Jr.
Chris Fuentes and Barry Rucks 
Donna Futterman    
Patricia Garcia    
General Warren Inne   
Henry Gladstone    
Cheryl and Jon Green    
Abbie Huff    
Patty Inacker and Laura Pritchard 
Nolan Jacobson    
Jamonera Restaurant   
John Joyce    
Kairys, Rudovsky, Messing, & Feinberg 
Kevin Karns    
Pearline and Martha Mae Kendells-Moore 
Melissa Klein and Neysa Nevins 
Carl Kopfinger and Steve Weitzenhoffer 
Allen Kuharski    
Patricia Kurz and Andrew Dickson 
Michael Langley    
Malcolm Lazin    
Beth and Joe Leska    
Claire and Charles Levi    
William Lion    
David Littell and Edward Selekman 
Tony Lombardo    
Mitchell Marcus    
Danie Martin    
Mark J. McCabe    
Brian McGinnis    
Kevin McGinnis    
Marcy McGinnis    
Craig McGlory    
Robert and Irene McNamara    
J. Stephen and Eileen Miller    
Matt Miller    
D. Mark Mitchell   
Monroe Savings Bank   
Edward Moon    
Jana Moore    
Gary Mucciaroni    
Tom Mull    
David Neese    
Richard Neill    
Robert Notigan    
Marie Olson    
Barbara Bringhurst Osada   
Jim O'Toole    
David Park    
Isaac Parker    
Philadelphia Bar Association   
Philadelphia Film Society   
Philadelphia Gay Men's Chorus  
Philadelphia MFT    
Philadelphia Soul    
Philadelphia Theatre Company   
Edward Potosnak III   
Rhett Price    
Prime Rib Restaurant  
Catherine Pullen    
Quince Productions    
QVC Partners in Giving
Anita Radix, MD   
Joseph Radomile    
Phillip Rager    
Michael Riccardi    
Francis Rinault    
Julia Roginsky    
Mary Catherin Roper    
Maria and Kenneth Rothstein    
Tanya Sandler    
Sandip Sarma    
Gustave Scheerbaum    
Ann Sholly and John Wellenbach 
Lee Simmerman, M.D.   
Matthew Simmers    
Quinton Smart and James Welch 
Donald Soeffing    
Venessa Stanton    
Paul Steinke and David Ade 
Maggie Stumpp, PhD   
Gerard Tate    
Joseph and Jane Teti    
The Velvet Lily   
RJ Thornburg    
Barbara Weldon    
Bill Whalon    
Dr. Nelson and Rochelle Wolf    
Anne and Rob Woodcock    
Albert Wulff    
Dean Yanchulis and Romulus Barba 
Su Ming Yeh    
Alfred Zaker    




Gifts under $100

11th Hour Theatre Company  
Angela Aavik    
Amy Addams    
Eric Albert    
Philip Alberti    
Robert Alexander    
Leonardo Allain    
Rebecca Allan and Laura Kaminsky 
Juan Amador    
Amazon Smile
Jonathan Amira    
Judge Daniel Anders  and Anh Dang
Stephen Angell    
Anonymous (42)
Aoki Boutique    
Jonathan Appelbaum    
Lucia Aquilino    
Ron Axsom    
Alison Baer    
Nick Balawejder    
Jaclyn Barba    
David Barrett    
Tamana Begay    
Marilyn Belchinsky    
Bellini Grill    
Adam Berman    
BG Bevenour    
Adam Bink    
Stephanie Bird    
Black Powder Tavern   
Cynthia E.  Boyd, MD   
Richard Bready    
Robin Briggs    
Michael Bronstein    
Tory Brown    
Katiana Buchanan    
Jason Cabrera    
Edward Callahan    
Jack Callenberg    
Anthony Campisi and Raymond Howells 
Ryan Carbain    
Can John Carfi  and Joshua Allen
Minerva Caro    
Sue Carrick    
Tom Cavanaugh    
Mary and William Centinaro    
Chanticleer Gardens    
Anna Chappelle    
Amy Chick    
Jeffrey Chiu    
Citizens Bank Foundation    
Marge Coffey    
Franklin Cohen    
Sherrie Cohen and Virginia Gutierrez 
Randall Collins    
Richard Congdon    
Michael Coveney    
Creperie Beau Monde    
Romilda Crocamo    
Allyson Cubitt    
Doris Dabrowski    
Joseph Dalessandro    
Dan Daley    
Christopher D'Amanda, MD   
D'Angelo Restaurant Corporation   
Bryan Day    
Lauren Del Rossi
Maria Demmler    
Joel Diaz    
Julio Diaz    
Romulo Diaz and Dennis James 
Delorice Diggs    
Greg Diltz    
Daniel DiRenzo    
Shirley Dodge    
Sarah Jane Donofrio    
Vonda Douglas    
Bill Doyle    
Ronald and Susan Drucker    
Michael Dunne    
Dawn Durain    
Patricia Eames    
Alison Eissler    
Michael Esolda    
Dean Eson    
David Facenda    
Mike Falconiero    
Dana Fedeli    
Brendan Fee    
Cantina Feliz    
Peter Ferola    
Nora Few    
Jarod Field    
Autumn Fiester    
Fishers Crossing Reality, LP  
John Fiumecaldo    
Elisabeth Flynn and Silvina Ocampo 
Michael Flynn    
Joel Forchheimer    
Janet Forino    
Michael Franceschini    
Michael Frankel    
Joseph Freedman    
Susan Freedman    
Brent Friedman    
Donald Friedman    
Anthony Frisby    
Richard Gadue    
John Gaeta    
John Gallagher    
Norma Gannon    
Samantha Gans    
Sarah Garodz    
Heather Gee    
Paul George and Norman Bach 
Melissa Weiler Gerber   
Diane and Gordon Gibfried    
Hannah Girer-Rosenkrantz    
Stacy Golboro    
Jacqueline Goldstein    
Elaine Gooden    
Charles Goodwin    
Michael Govito    
Christina Grabowski    
Kevin Grafton    
Karen Grasse    
Bridget Griffin    
John Grillone    
Gary Guarino    
Evangeline Gutwein    
Roberta Hacker    
Matt Hapeman and Chuck Nankivell 
Edna Harris    
Evan Harris Komito   
Har Sinai Hebrew Congregation  
Rose Hartle-Barnhart and Paul Barnhart 
Arshad Hasan    
Stacy Hawkins    
Stephanie Haynes    
Robert Hendler    
Gary Heneger    
Brian Henes    
Arthur Hernandez    
Christopher Hillmann    
Patricia Hogue    
Bonny Hohenberger    
Deb Hollister    
Martin Hunter    
Marcus and Lisa Iannozzi 
Lawrence Jalowiec and Ann Tucker 
Jeffrey Jenne    
Cynda Johnson    
Mark Johnson    
Susan Johnson    
Judith Kaplow-Applebaum and David Applebaum 
Jeff Kasten    
Freddie King    
Margaret Klaw, Esq.    
Joyce Kloza    
Thomas Koenig    
Justin Kolman    
Carole Krasick    
Shea Kucenski    
Sandra LaBlance    
Ruth Laibson    
Pamela Lampitt    
Diana Lautenberger    
Lavenders Body Care Clinic  
Jim Lawless    
Anna Joy Lehmicke    
Joe Leive    
Mark Lenard and Fred Lopez 
Lila Leonard    
Gerald Leube    
Ron Levine    
Rebecca Lieberman and George Smee 
Jasper Liem    
Chesley Lightsey    
Wanda Lipscomb    
Angeles Lopez    
Larry Love    
Tamela Luce    
Katie and Billy Lundy    
Cletus Lyman    
Adam Lynn    
Macy's Foundation    
Maggiano's Little Italy   
Amy Mahoney    
Christopher Mallios and William McNett 
Carly Marcoux    
Debra Markert    
Karen Marshall    
Smentek Martha    
Colleen McCafferty    
Michael McCloskey    
Susan McGinnis    
David McKnight    
Brian McShane    
Paul Messing    
Eric Meyer    
Michelle Mich    
Kevin Miller    
Devon Miller-Duggan    
Raymond Mingioni    
Donald and Deborah Mitchell    
Francesca Monastero    
Angela Moses    
Cheryl Moskovitz    
Jade Mostyn    
Karan Nair    
Christopher Napier    
Larissa Neale    
Jane Nelson    
Alan Nesbitt    
Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company  
Nicole Nestopoulos    
Christopher and Helen Nicholson    
Kenneth Norton    
Mehmet Noyan    
AC Nyquist, MD   
Sean O'Connell    
Phil Orlando    
Louie Ortiz-Fonseca    
Donna B. Ostroff    
Michael J. Oswald    
Charles Palmer    
Thomas Parent    
Eva Parpar    
Linda Pedisich    
Laurie Pelly    
Maureen Penta    
Hinda Perdreaux    
Ron Perri    
Alex Petrino and Michael Yousko 
Philadelphia Pagan Pride, Inc.  
Philadelphia Phillies    
Plymouth Meeting Mall   
Norma Poll-Hunter    
Melissa Pollitt    
Deanna Powers    
Lisa Prescott    
PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLC    
Elijah Prusakowski    
Kaitlyn Quinn    
Milton M. Quinn    
Judith Quintana    
Radian Group Inc.   
Sheldon Raisor    
Dave Ralston    
Hadassah Ramsay    
Joseph Randall    
John Rans    
Reading Terminal Market   
Sara Reed and Daniel Abrams 
Daniel Reese    
Brenda Reiss    
Claudine Richman    
Kenneth Richman and Chuck Barscz 
Meg Rider and Natalie Hope McDonald
Andrew Rigefsky    
Mary Ritchie    
Ralph Riviello    
Christine Roberts    
Edward Rock    
Tom Rogers    
Ken Roper    
Michael Rose    
Elaine Rosenzweig    
Jim Ross    
Marcia and Larry Ross    
Michael Saleh    
Mark Sandberg    
Marion Sands    
Randi Savage    
Caitlin Schaefer    
Marc Scheiner    
Edward and Anita Schmitt    
Alexandria Schneider    
Mark Schnitzel    
Corrine Schweers    
Jennifer Sciortino    
Joseph Scott and Marcelo Araujo 
Brunhild Seeger-Dinovi    
Jessica Shimberg    
John Shimchick    
Reginald Shuford    
Melisa Shultz    
Allison Silver    
Kimberly Simmons    
Marsha Simmons    
Harjit Singh    
Francis Skiffington    
Andrew Slom    
Jane Downs Smeltzer   
Maria Soto-Greene    
Lisa Spiller    
Sprague Courts Apts., LLC  
Christopher Stearns and Jared Susco 
Adam Steinberger    
Ivan Stern    
Andrew Sudler    
Marcy Sutherland    
Amy Swan    
Mark Switaj and Kevin Fletcher 
Robert Tabak    
Tabu Lounge & Sports Bar 
Derek Tarcza    
Richard and Phyllis Taylor    
Jonathan Tilden    
Amanda Tran    
David Tuke    
Michael Tunney    
Renee Turchi and Steven Cohen 
United Way of Lackawanna and Wayne
Claribel Urena    
Justin Viggiano, Lisa Stub-Viggiano, and Agostino Viggiano
Michael Viola, Esq.   
David Wagner    
Lance Wahlert    
Kevin Wait    
Autumn Wallace    
Lisa Wallenstein    
Carol L. Wallinger   
Cheryl Walters    
David Walton    
Shannon Ward    
J. David Warren    
Deborah Washington    
Marianne Watson    
Patricia Weigand    
Eric Weissman    
Matthew White    
Sara White    
Linda Whitehill    
Zachary Wilcha    
Sheila Wilder    
Brigham Willis    
Wilma Theater   
Dorothy Wisniewski    
Cheryl Wohlstetter    
Vien Wong    
Elaine Yandrisevits    
Kevin Yim    
Geoffrey Young    
Kristine Young    
William Zackey    
Lynn Zeitlin and Gabriela Assagioli 
Eric Zemantauski    
Sophie Zhang    
Puyu Zheng    
Katherine Zulick    




In Memoriam and Dedication Gifts


In Memory of Kevin Andrews

Allison J. Andrews


In Memory of Jack Applegate

Edna Harris


In Memory of Doris Brenner

Joseph Freedman


In Memory of Arme L. Cannon

Anthony Cannon


In Memory of Gene Cavanaugh

Mary Cochetti

Margaret and Ray Pendino


In Memory of John and Jeffrey Gannon

Norma Gannon


In Memory of Dorothy Kirschner

Lee Goldsmith


In Memory of Jeff Kurz

Mary and William Centinaro

Patricia Kurz and Andrew Dickson

Andrew Sudler

Amanda Tran

Sheila Wilder


In Memory of Paul Lichtman

Larry Love


In Memory of Chris Manship

Stephen R. Lee


In Memory of Sean McNamara

Robert and Irene McNamara


In Memory of Paul Pritchard

Christopher and Helen Nicholson

Richard and Phyllis Taylor

Lawrence Jalowiec and Ann Tucker


In Memory of Frank Renzi

Franklin Cohen


In Memory of David M. Rosenblum, Esq., former Mazzoni Center Legal Services Director

Mark Aronchick

Alison Baer

Marilyn Belchinsky

Edwin Bomba

Gina Briggs

Robin Briggs

Leonore Carpenter and Tiffany Palmer

Sue Carrick

Tom Cavanaugh

Clare Chapman

Amara Chaudhry-Kravitz and John Kravitz

Karen Cherwony

Andrew Chirls

Rick Churchill

Blair Clinger

Paul Courtney

Shirley Dodge

Ronald and Susan Drucker

Sharon Eckstein

Katie Eyer

Heather Fehn

Harold Goldner

Melanie Griffin

Mignon Groch

Roberta Hacker

Michael Hairston

Stephanie Haynes

Bonny Hohenberger

Sara Jacobson

John Joyce

Kathleen Joyce

Kimberly Kelly

Margy Klaw

Evan Harris Komito

Nancy and Seth Kreimer

Legal Advisory Board of Mazzoni Center 

Christine Long

Sharon Lopez

Adam Lynn

Karen Marshall

Paul Messing

Perry Monastero and Estuardo Orozco

Jane Nelson

Robert Notigan

Linda Pedisich

Ron Perri

Catherine Pullen

Dave Ralston

Joseph Randall

Brenda Reiss

Michael Riccardi

Christine Roberts

Mary Catherine Roper

Marcia and Larry Ross

Randi Savage

Shan Shah

Jessica Shimberg

Hetherington and Donald Smith

Ivan Stern

Michael Tunney

Michael Viola

Carol L. Wallinger

Ilene Wasserman

Dorothy Wisniewski

Cheryl Wohlstetter

Anne and Rob Woodcock

Su Ming Yeh

Kevin Yim

Lynn Zeitlin and Gabriela Assagioli


In Memory of Benny Seabom

Ken Roper


In Memory of Donald Werner

Gregory Gounah


In Honor of the Wedding of Gary Kramer and Michael Miller

Sarah Blazucki

Susan Freedman

Rebecca Kramer

Keith Lyons

J Stephen and Eileen Miller

Carol Reynolds

Claudine Richman


In Honor of the Retirement of Sue Levi Elwell

Todd Bloom

Elaine Rosenzweig


In Honor of Alexandra Capano

Fred Glick


In Honor of David Hall

Dana Spain


In Honor of Ned Hanover

Jeffrey Jenne


In Honor of Russell Harris and John Casavecchia

David Facenda

Jana Moore


In Honor of Mel Heifetz

John Fier


In Honor of Alecia Manley

Lisa Dowdle


In Honor of Robb Reichard

Tamela Luce


In Honor of Kevin Riordan

Cheryl Moskovitz


In Honor of Nurit Shein

Rebecca Allan and Laura Kaminsky


In Honor of Richard Spitzborg and Blaine Bonham

Judith Kaplow-Applebaum and David Applebaum


In Honor of Dr. Robert Winn and Dusty Latimer

Jules Henshell and Steven Mostert


In Honor of Andrew James Young

Kristine Young


The donor lists reflect our generous supporters for the period of July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014. Some United Way Donor Choice Contributors are not documented in this year’s annual report due to timing of United Way gift reports (check FY13 annual report or FY15 annual report upon availability).

If you notice any error, please contact the Mazzoni Center Development & Marketing Department at 215.563.0652.  Thank you.