REACH Program: Recovery, Empowerment and Community Health

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The REACH program provides peer counseling and support for gay/bisexual men, men "in the life", and transgender men and women.

If you're concerned about substance abuse and/or sexual risk behaviors,  our team of trained peer engagement specialists can provide a confidential and non-judgemental space to talk. 

All services are confidential and provided at no cost.  Clients are partnered with a peer engagement specialist who helps identify and achieve specific goals around risk reduction and making safer, healthier choices in your day-to-day life.  Your peer engagment specialist can provide support by phone, via e-mail, or in face-to-face sessions. We want to understand what you want out of life!


Eric, Brandon, and Jonathan of the REACH team

Frequently Asked Questions:

"I might use drugs, but it's not a problem, so why would I want to be a part of this program?"

  • Drug and alcohol use impacts health in many ways.  Some effects include: sexual risks, legal consequences, mood swings, social embarrassment, low self-esteem, violence, and more.

"What is a peer specialist?  Is this like therapy?"

  • Our REACH team is made up of 'peer counselors,' not therapists.  They are peers to the community - people like you - and their aim is to provide a confidential and non-judgmental space to talk.

  • Therapy is more of a long-term commitment, and often involves going back into a person's past to look for root causes of certain emotions or behaviors. Peer counseling tends to be a flexible and individually-oriented approach, focused on helping a person address their present needs and concerns, and set concrete goals on a path to healthier living.  We're here to talk about what's going on with you today, this week, this month - and how to make constructive changes.

"I already have friends I can talk to - how is this any different?"

  •     Friends can be supportive but we keep everything you talk about completely confidential.

  •     Sometimes you need a different perspective and someone who isn't connected to everyone else in your life.  We can provide you with that.

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